This is an amazing facility for our young "would be" entertainers. And Rachel Main, you are an amazing lady. So supportive of our kids! I don't know how you manage to run a busy household, involve your own kids in all their activities and stay so positive and make Arts A Go Go tick over like clockwork. It feels like a family there. Everyone is so kind and supportive. I'm so glad I googled "performing arts classes for kids" four years ago and found this gem, right on my doorstep. Kudos Rachel and all the team!

Just wanted to congratulate you and the crew for such an outstanding performance, I tell you every year its just blows my socks off how you take our children and make some thing magic for them. You are truly an amazing women and I congratulate you on your brilliant vision and guts to make a business and run with it. You are truly a role model that highlights what a woman is capable of.

I haven't had the chance to thank you so much for having …….in your class over the last year. What Arts a Go Go! has done for her has been incredible, boosting her confidence and allowing her to be a confident speaker in front of others. She has also gained a real sense of achievement by receiving her medal which she proudly hangs on her wall in her room.

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for all your hard work this year. You and your team do such a marvellous job. I am so impressed with the professional and supportive environment at Arts a Go Go! It was great to see the big kids together at prize giving and to witness first hand the warm camaraderie they share. What a great bunch of people (teachers included)!

Just wanted to thank you and the team for a fantastic show! We thoroughly enjoyed it and found ourselves chuckling several times at the hilarious script! All the kids were great and it was wonderful to see them all having so much fun on stage. (My son) loved the whole experience and was on quite a high afterwards (but also very tired!). You, Phoebe and Debs do so much for our kids and I'm so grateful to you all for giving (my son) such positive encouragement. He's a quiet boy by nature but it's been lovely seeing his self-confidence grow over the past couple of years, and I'm sure attending your classes has helped him in so many ways. Thanks again and well done!

I just want to say what a fantastic job you all do. This is (my daughter's) first year doing drama and she loves it. You are great at keeping us parents well informed of what’s coming up, which is very helpful. It's a great drama school and I hope to be able to help out next year when my little ones aren't so little!!!

I just wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for (my son) over the last year. Drama has given him a great way to express himself, and we were all so proud of him at the production.

We are going back to Samoa to live permanently ...therefore (my son) won't be back next year, which will be very disappointing for him as he loves coming to his classes, his Saturday routine. So thank you very much for this opportunity for him and for making it fun and enjoyable for him and all the kids. The fantastic shows at the end of the year definitely proves it. So wishing you, Stu and Phoebe and all other Arts a Go Go! teachers the very best of luck, and a successful future in all you do! God bless,

I appreciate so much the fact that you found a space for ……. to come back and be involved with Arts a Go Go again. It has been great for her to get out there this year and start getting involved with things again, especially after having so long where she was unable to do anything. I’m not sure if you are aware or not, but when you had the Parent Viewing day last term, it was the first time that …….. had managed to stand herself up in the middle of the floor, without having to use a chair or anyone to help her. This was a HUGE deal for us and a real high. I know ……. will miss both you and Phoebe very much, she thinks you are both wonderful (which you are). I hope that the new venue proves to be a great success, which I’m sure it will.

children in circleThank you for your incredible energy, we're always raving on about your wonderful classes.

Arts a Go Go! and My Time There

I am an 11 year old boy. I haven’t been asked to, but am writing today on my time in Arts a Go Go! Performing Arts Classes for Kids. Through the genius of Rachel Main (Singing and Dance teacher) and Phoebe Smith (Drama teacher) we have developed skills through performing arts. They offer a variety of options to fit each age group and fulfil our expectations of what performing arts are all about. I really look forward to my combo class of dance, drama and singing. Arts a Go Go! also puts on an end of year show where all of the participants are involved. Rachel and Phoebe put so much effort into developing the kids who attend and they run extra activities throughout the year too, like Hutt Valley Singing and Drama competitions which require so many additional hours of work. We all really appreciate their dedication to their craft. I enjoy Arts a Go Go! so much and recommend them to any kid who wants to give drama, singing and dance a go!

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